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Find Your Mate on Dating Apps

Dating is a new age trend of mingling with people, letting know each other and it has become social phenomena too. Initially, it was only messenger or short message services to friends. Now, it has reached to wider platform of social networking. This is done through dating apps. The dating apps are an inter esting piece of entertainment. A college goer or young teens will be interested to try on meeting new people from random dating sites and meet on a blind date. The dating apps, wee touted as creepy mingling movement. But, now it has turned in to a cultural fashion.

A social research says, that these days one third of the marriages are based on the couple who meet in different dating sites. The online dating is becoming famous like any other social network – Facebook o Twitter. The study, speak about the intention of today’s youth to meet people on dating site is that, you do not have to face social awkwardness or insecurities or no need to fear about being introvert. You can just mingle with a person you like or keep swiping till you meet the person of your interest. The actual term of Dating app, is sort of not suitable. You technically, do not date on the app. Instead, you make an initiative to the person, whom you like. It has been funnily known as “a place for finding love”.

The simple and unambiguous process of chatting with complete strangers has made the purpose of dating app vital. The general features of a dating app is chatting or liking. It runs on the matching algorithm. The algorithm has been made private and is protected. One of the popular dating app is Tinder. Many uses claim that, it is addictive. It gets you engaged in the site by showing profiles which match your interest. Another factor of this app, is its usability and user interface. You can show interest in people or just disregard them by swiping left or right of your screen. The dating app usually comes with login page, user profiles and a room for customizing your profile and page.

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